Sunday, 10 November 2013


I figured that I hadn't written on here for a while and since I have a certain young lady sitting next to me writing an English essay, I would once again pop up onto this big world of blogging and share my thoughts with you. :)

In writing the title I completely forgot it was Remembrance Sunday (Whooooo! Poppy day!) and so when I remembered I was rather pleased with myself. It also made me think about how much of our day we normally spend remembering something... I suppose it's constantly. We need to remember how to speak, how to cook and how to be nice to frustrating peers. It could be debatable as to whether we need to remember how to walk or breathe - those are instinctual things, right?

But today isn't about remembering how to do things, or that I haven't done the homework due in for tomorrow (I have really, Mum). Today is about remembering people. Specific people. Today has a focus on the soldiers of the Great Wars and of the more recent wars. Many lives lost to protect the lives of others. Just thought I'd slip that in there. 

Honestly, just think about remember what you did this morning... You (probably) had breakfast but how did you remember what you like? I personally don't like honey so I don't have it. Duh. Instead I'd have something utterly more unhealthy - golden syrup. I will always remember that I like golden syrup... Oh gosh, I'm rambling again (if you're new to the page, welcome! I ramble a lot...). Truth is, I kinda know how you remember things thanks to the wonders of A-level education. According to theory, if we do things or think about things enough times, you'll remember it. So, if I remind myself that I like golden syrup every day by having it for breakfast, I will never forget. Hello fat-laden stomach! Luckily, I've had it enough times already. ;)

Then we have the other side of it - I'm doing something which I haven't done before so I can't be remembering, right? I must be learning...surely? This brings me to think that there may be two ways of doing things - remembering and learning. You learn to remember. For example, I learn things in lessons at school to remember them in exams. THIS IS ALL MAKING SENSE. Oh my... That's a first - I'm learning!

I sort of landed myself in it here... I'm not overly sure how to finish this. Haha, am I ever? No. Well, here's my ending (sorry it's been so short):
When you do something, just think about how you're doing it - are you remembering or learning? And after you've done that task you're learning, can you just remember it or do you have to do a bit more learning first? So many questions... Feel free to have a ponder. :)

Hope you're all well! I'll try and post something soon. :)

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


I found this today and found that, especially after the stressful day I've had, it makes a good point... Just have a read:

"A psychologist walked around a room wile teaching stress management to an audience. As she raised a glass of water everyone expected they'd be asked the "half empty or half full" question. Instead, with a smile on her face, she inquired: "How heavy is this glass of water?"

Answers called out ranged from 8oz. to 20oz.

She replied, "The absolute weight doesn't matter. It depends on how long I hold it. If I hold it for a minute, it's no problem. If I hold it for an hour, I'll have an ache in my arm. If I hold it for a day, my arm will feel numb and paralyzed. In each case, the weight of the glass doesn't change, but the longer I hold it the heavier it becomes."

She continues, "The stresses and worries in life are like that glass of water. Think about them for a while and nothing happened. Think about them longer and they begin to hurt. If you think about them all day long, you will feel paralysed - incapable of doing anything."

Remember to put the glass down." 

I think this is a very good description of stresses and worries. Things you think about more and "hold" for longer end up being the stresses that affect us the most. Admittedly it can, at times, be extremely difficult to just "put the glass down" and stop thinking about it as those worries are a bit part of our lives. So this brings me to the question: How can we put down a glass of water if the ground is uneven?
Now, to you that may sound stupid but if we continue to use the whole concept of the glass of water, the idea of ground being uneven could be representative of the worries that are hard to let go of/put down. You can't just plonk it anywhere because the glass would just fall over and spill so you have to about it another way... By finding the flattest part of that uneven surface, you find a safe spot to put down your worry AND once you find it you still have to put the glass down slowly in case it is a little uneven. This therefore suggests that bigger worries can be gotten "put down" but it might just take a little extra time.

You ready for this? Oh, I get so deep and silly sometimes...

If you look back on the past week and think about whether you've worried about something, whether it be an exam, a relationship, or a situation, how easily could you out that glass down? If you even put that glass down at all... If you're still carrying it, it's probably beginning to hurt quite a bit now...
I don't want to sound like a counsellor or teacher BUT if you're really hurting and finding it hard to find that little flat space on the uneven ground to place your glass of water, ask someone to help. Only to find a piece of even ground. Or, split the glass between you both so the uneven ground space you need is smaller. Either way, friends are there for many things and one is support. They'll help. :)

Wheeeeeeeee! Blog done. That was a short one, I apologise. Ugh, I keep apologising... I'M SORRY THE END HAPPILY FOREVER AFTER AMEN

Sarah x

Apologies. Again. I'm seriously so sorry...

I have, once again, disappeared for ages. Laptop broke and also? I'm really lazy. I also couldn't think of anything to write about but this is all about to change! Mwahahahahahhaaa! You can hold that against me.  

Monday, 22 July 2013

Leibster Award

So I've been nominated for the Leibster Award by both Gwendolen and Cecily at Their Harangues & Their Fancies and Beverley at Tutus and Ballet Shoes :) At first I was like "Woah! What is this?" And now I know, so:

First, the conditions:
  • You have share 11 things about yourself
  • You have to answer the 11 questions that your tagger has given you
  • You have to choose 11 other blogs to nominate (that have under 200 followers - all about promoting hidden blogging gems and all that)
  • And then link back to the person who nominated you!
So let us goooooooo! 11 things about me? Well this isn't going to be easy...
1. I officially play the flute and the guitar. However, I can also play the drums, bass, piano, ukulele, recorder and anything you give me. I've even played a violin once. :)

2. I'm starting "the next stage" of school in September - 6th Form. I'm going to take (hopefully) Psychology, Human Biology, History and Music. It's sort of a scary concept. It's time to grow up a little more and make new friends as the old ones move on. It'll be interesting to say the least... no doubt I'll tell you about it.

3. I dance. I can't say I am a great dancer, but I enjoy it so go to a dance studio once a week by myself and let my weirdness shine in my own company. People I look up to in dance include Chachi 'Olivia' Gonzales, Jaja Vancover, Ian Eastwood and The Quick Crew.

4. I love WWE. A girl loving wrestling isn't what people necessarily expect but there are SO many of us that love it. It's great. I've been to 2 live shows, one of which was taped.

5. A lot of people trust me and feel comfortable around me once they get used to me a little bit. My "eccentric" tends to scare the odd couple off, but generally people like me. However, if somebody gets on the wrong side of me, they're NOT in a good place.

6. I have a Grade 5, soon to be Grade 7 in singing. I sing anything - classical, folk, pop, jazz, show numbers... just now opera or screamo...

7. If I'm in a bad mood there are only a couple of things that calm me down: Loud, bass-filled music, excersize and silence. Obviously I can't have silence and music at the same time, but it depends on my mood. Whatever happens I tend to go quiet. Until someone makes me angry...

8. The number of true friends I have has dramatically declined in the last year. This is due to me refusing to put up with nonsense, pushing close people away for several reasons, and people just wanting out of our friendship. I wouldn't say I'm a bad person. I think that friendships end sometimes, and it's not a bad thing. I mean, I'm not upset about it, apart from with maybe one or two people, but I can get over it.

9. I have a leopard gecko called Squiggle and two cats called Bob and Pilchard. I used to have another gecko called Phoenix and a dog called Freddie.

10. I have a bad history with mobile phones. In the past my mobiles have been drowned in Coca Cola, dropped in the toilet, shattered, spun them in the washing machine, left them in a slipper in Wales and overheated a battery. Oops.

11. I bake when I'm stressed. Well, I used to... Now I tend to bake for fun, or so my girlfriend has something to take to work with her. She likes my cookies.

11 Questions from Gwendolen and Cecily:
1. One Harangue? Oh my gosh, what is this?! *looks up definition* Okay. Basically something that bugs me, right? People who are intolerant. I think that people who say that a certain person/group of people are different or "don't belong" because of one or two factors should go far, far away. Tolerance is the one thing I will super teach my kids. People are way too quick to judge these days.
2. One fancy? The countryside. I adore a good walk in the countryside. Just sitting down in a field in the quiet is brilliant.
3. Favourite play? Let's make this a musical - Chicago.
4. Favourite quote? "God created all things, didn't He? It's only man who decides what's a mistake."
5. Hidden Talent? Um, pfffffft... kids. Not having them, but looking after them. I'm a damn good babysitter.
6. Favourite poem? Footprints - Mary Powers
7. Favourite ice-cream? Honeycomb...
8. Favourite place in your home country? Sheffield. Wheeeeeeee...
9. Strongest subject at school?  Music or History. Probably Music. Typical, :L
10. if you were guaranteed success in any career, what would you do? I would be a leading actress on Broadway. It's always been my dream, I just gave up on chasing it a while ago....
11. You have a phone, a police box, a monocle and a piece of string. How would you determine the shape of the earth? Oh gosh... If it's a mobile I'd text 118-118 and get them to tell me. And order pizza whilst I'm at it. OH MY GOSH CIRCLULAR PIZZA.

11 Questions from Beverley:
1. What's your favourite colour? Good question. I want to say red. Or blue. The answer, however, is pink.
2. How do you feel about programmes like Jeremy Kyle? (Where people go on TV and air all their problems in public)  I find them entertaining when there is nothing else on TV. However, I personally wouldn't choose to be on one. I am very private in that way.
3. Where's the last place you went on holiday? EspaƱol. :)
4. Personality, looks or both? Looks evidently play some part. In my view thoug, they play a very small one. A wise script write for Doctor Who once wrote "You know when sometimes you meet someone so beautiful — and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later they're as dull as a brick; but then there's other people. And you meet them and you think, "Not bad, they're okay," and when you get to know them ... their face just, sort of, becomes them, like their personality's written all over it, and they just — they turn into something so beautiful. Rory's the most beautiful man I've ever met." Personality MAKES someone beautiful.
5. Shower or bath? Shower. I have the odd bath though.
6. What is one thing that you'd eat every day if you could? There are many things I'd consider: If it was without getting fat? Chocolate. However, due to fat slowly building after eating a giant bar of Dairy Milk everyday, I'd change it to chicken. Preferably chicken nuggets.
7. Where is the most beautiful place you've ever been? Guadalest, Spain.
8. What colour are the walls in your bedroom? Magnolia.
9. If you could meet anyone (dead or alive) who would you want to meet? The cast of Glee. They're so amazing...
10. What's the story behind your blog title/URL? We often look over everything as a whole. If everybody was to look a little deeper, they might not miss important things. A little thing? Smiling at someone. That could make someones day.
11. How do you feel right now? Big question. Tired. I had about 3 hours sleep last night... Slightly unsure of a couple of things... or is worried the right word? Relieved about one thing in particular. Proud that I made bread without blowing the house up. Glad I'm going out with the Jess's tomorrow... Yeah. :L
My 11 questions:

1. Got any pets?
2. Think about it... how many sausages have you eaten in your life time? Give an approximate amount.
3. Favourite television programme?
4. What's one thing that's happened to you and changed you in some way?
5. Most embarrassing thing that's happened to you?
6. Most treasure possession?
7. What's the one song that pops into your head to cheer you up when your down?
8. One thing that makes you stand out?
9. What do you want to have achieved by the time you die?
10. Had to wear 3 colours for the rest of your life. What would they be?
11. Name a mythical creature you wish existed.

Nominations will be in a new post. :)

Monday, 15 July 2013

Cory Monteith

I just wanted to say a quick something in memory of Cory Monteith. He was a brilliant actor. He inspired hundreds, if not thousands through Glee. He played his character amazingly and it is undeniable that he saved lives through his role on Glee. He gave hope to many people. His personal life was not focused on but he never hid the fact that he did struggle. Yet everybody struggles. We all struggle. I'd like to thank him for his strength, his inspiring personality and acting skills, and his kindness. He would sneak off to sign autographs during breaks in filming, and spend time signing them in airports and such-like. He wanted people to be happy and that's what he set out to help do. And he succeeded. He will forever be that star in the sky, in our hearts as well as on our TV's. My love and prayers go out to the whole cast (including producers) of Glee, not forgetting his family too. This time for them, after knowing him for years, must be the worse thing ever. He will never be forgotten. I wish I payed more attention to his character now, because I don't think it will be easy to watch Glee for any of us after this. But wherever he is (I always call it the Golden City), he'll be smiling down. We just need to make him proud and keep smiling. Stay strong, guys. 

The Unexpected

Hello! A while it has been, and I bet nobody missed me ;) My exams are over now, and my Summer has officially begun so I'M BACK. Hopefully posting regularly like I promised what? 2 months ago? Sorry about that.

Cory Monteith played Finn Hudson in Glee
Right. Today I'm going to talk about 'The Unexpected'. This was sparked up by the shocking news which spread like wildfire yesterday morning - Cory Monteith (Glee star) had died at 31. I prefer to say he went on his travels to the Golden City... sounds so much more pleasant... Anyway, it was horrible. Now, obviously I didn't know him personally, I've never met him, nor was he my favourite character but through his character and various backstage footage and documentaries, I was able to see and confidently know he was really decent guy. His passing was completely out of the blue. NOBODY expected this to happen. 

It's got me thinking about life in general. Memories of things that have happened unexpectedly kept popping into my mind and it just reminded me that we don't have as much control over our lives as we think. Unfortunately, we can't just eliminate any psychological or physical problems from our life and say "this won't happen to me" because you never know what's going to happen. 

In speaking about this it's important not to forget that many unexpected things can be very good. For example, an A* on a test instead of that D you thought you'd get. Okay, that's a crap example but it's all I could think of. I personally think that unexpected things which stir up negative emotions are the one which are remembered the most. Maybe that's why I gave such a terrible example about good things - I can't remember any...

Anyhoo, is the unexpected something to be embraced? Well, I certainly think anything unexpected and shocking should always be positive in SOME way. In the case of Cory's passing, I know of a couple of people who are trying even harder to achieve their dreams of being an actor/actress because of him; also, all the 'fandoms' have united in supporting him. There'll always be that silver lining somewhere. You've just got to look for it. Sometimes it can takes a very long time, even years, to find that silver lining. But there will be one there. I promise you. 

To those who are upset due to the passing of Cory, stay strong. This is a hard time but think of those he's inspired. Be happy for the life he lived. Keep trying to smile. :)
And to anybody else who has been hit with the unexpected? If it's good - congratulations. :) If it's not so good, look for that silver lining. It IS there. Allow your friends to come and help you (don't shut them out like I tend to do), and let them distract you. It will be fine. 

Deep thoughts, much. 
Crazy brain. 
Anyway, I'll post again soon.

Thursday, 6 June 2013


What's a privilege? Shall we ask the dictionary?

A special right, advantage, or immunity granted or available only to one person or group of people.

The reason I'm looking at the whole idea about "privileges" is because I've just encountered an issue which has caused me to become a little bit more the moody teenager. I have desperately wanted something called a SCUF controller ( for ages. Absolutely ages. And finally, after my birthday a coupl'a weeks back, I have enough money to buy one. FIIIIINALLY!!! I did some checks on my money in my account, just to check I'd have enough for my various trips in the summer holidays and guess what? I don't. By about £5. Brilliant, isn't it? Now, I was originally so, so annoyed that I didn't have enough money to buy a new controller right now at this very second and then I realised something. I realised that for me to have, say, £100, I would have £100 MORE than a hell of a lot of people in this world. To even have that gives me an advantage - a privilege.

You could think of this in other ways too. Look at benefits and pensions; it is thought that people have the right to/are owed this money. This is not correct - a pension is not a right, it's a privilege. In many countries there isn't such thing as a pension. And it's the same thing with benefits.

"But Mum! I don't want to go to school today!" If my mother got a pound for every time I've said that she'd be a billionaire. School is B-O-R-I-N-G, BORING. Half the time I mess around and waste the day. Some kids can't do that. Most of them can't afford that privilege in their countries. Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names. I could do that at 6 years old. Some adults still can't. And all some kids can seem to do is throw away their education. I simply thinks it's rude. Anyway...

Choice is also a great privilege. Did you know that in China people TELL you what your future job will be? I'd probably get told to be a teacher or something. But anyway, the fact the I can choose my own career is better than the choice they get. The idea that I can change what I want to go throughout my life is amazing. I have wanted to be a hairdresser, a mechanic, an engineer, a teacher, a dance teacher, a professional singer, an actress, a musician, a psychologist and a load more. Even a fairy. Ew... Well I was 4, give me a break. The fact that I have the ability to choose and change is a privilege - no denying. Even in The Hunger Games everything's chosen for them...

So do you get it yet? So many things are privileges and we take them for granted. It doesn't mean we should stop enjoying them because other people are without, but more so that we should be a little more thoughtful whilst enjoying what we've got. S'all good, really. could be worse, I suppose...

That's it for today, I think. I'l do a post focusing on choice at some point. Probably. No promises. :P

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Life's a Game

"Life's a game"

That's how I've chosen to see my life. Y'see, over the years I've discovered that the ball game can change in an instant. One second you're happy, thinking one thing and at the next moment it's all changed so you don't know what to do next. This has happened numerous times in my life. These little changes come along to knock you into going a completely different route. Yep, bloody complicated game, I tell yah. 

You can choose to see it as a game that you want to ignore, or you could just go along with it. Personally, I intend on enjoying it as much as I can and win. WIN. I may not win the little challenges along the way, but I'll win the big one. I'm not going to let those stupid challenges rule my life, or dictate how much I'm going to enjoy it. Instead, I'll let them happen, and somehow use them to my advantage. And one day, when metaphorically picking up one of those chance cards like you get in Monopoly, I might actually get a pleasant surprise. And for that reason there's no reason to avoid taking from that pile.

Yesterday I found out that my family have two months to move out of the rented house we're in now, to a new one. At first I was slightly anxious at the prospect of finding somewhere in such a small amount of time, and also a shocked. I wasn't expecting it. It was a game change. But really, is it that bad? I mean, I love the house I'm in at the moment, but a change could be good. And maybe it means I'll move closer to my Dad's house or generally be closer to, um, certain people. And that would certainly come in useful. Really, I know we've got to move. And that we've got 2 months. But I'm not going to worry - after all, there's nothing I can do about it. Therefore, it's best to embrace it, and take what good I can from it. Otherwise I'll actually turn into the miserable bitch some people think I am. 

Another thing with games, is that you have a say in them. Quite a bit is actually up to you. Woahhh! Life is just the same. We can never have complete control of what happens in life because we're not gods; and we have to remember that other people with their own lives surround us in everyday life. If you and the next person both wanted the same thing, you'd get it, but unfortunately that isn't usually that simple.That's where you've got to have respect for other people. Just a bit ;) You've got to remember that even though your game is difficult, their game isn't necessarily easier. 

That was such a terrible mash-up of thoughts.Sorry. I do hope it actually does make sense. Bet it doesn't... Oh crap. Oh well. I've said what I wanted to say... kind of. Ugh, now I just need to stop talking before I look anymore stupid. I'll probably post something tomorrow. 

Goodbye m'lovelies. :)

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


Dreams: A dream can include any of the images, thoughts and emotions that are experienced during sleep. Dreams can be extraordinarily vivid or very vague; filled with joyful emotions or frightening imagery; focused and understandable or unclear and confusing.

Dreams are things that most people love. They enable us to go to places that don't exist, places too wonderful for others to see; and they're exclusive to the one dreaming. It is said that we dream every night, however only some remember every dream. Some people would call that lucky. 

I am not one of those people.

I hate dreams. They whisk you off to some unknown place where anything and everything happens. You have no warning if something's about to go wrong or if some unwelcome person is about to appear. In dreams you have no control - you're asleep. Some people say you can control your dreams, but I strongly disagree. Often, my dreams conjure up people I've left behind, or blocked out - the people I've chosen to not be involved with. My dreams can take me back to places I've been before and twist my own memories of those places so that in a years time I'm not sure whether something actually really did happen or not. I'm not crazy. A lot of you are probably in the same position, or, if you're not, your brain obviously works differently to mine.

A majority of my dreams are seen to me as nightmares. No, they do not include ghosts and ghouls, witches and warcraft, good vs evil etc. Instead, they are what most people call a "good dream". My problem is that I've had the dream in the first place. For example, the other day I had a dream, woke up in the early hours of the morning and sent a text that said this: "Dude, my dream said things which I hope aren't honest. Regardless of it if they currently means something. Which we won't. I swear." Now, I'm blaming the utter incoherence on the fact that I had just woken up. The main point is that something from that dream bothered me enough to drive me to attempt to text someone about it, promising "we won't" do whatever the dream signified. I was confused, in this sleepy state, as to whether my dream was telling the truth, when I now know it's just a made up fantasy. They confuse me. So much. And I hate not understanding something made up by my own brain.

Sigmund Freud, seen as one of the founders of psychology, came up with idea that we dream using our 'id', "centering our dreams around pleasures, desires, unchecked urges and wish fulfillment". In a sense this is true. Our dreams enable us to do things which would hardly be possible in reality (e.g. flying). 

Here are some other theories:

  • Dreams are the result of our brains trying to interpret external stimuli during sleep. For example, the sound of the radio may be incorporated into the content of a dream.
  • Dreams serve to 'clean up' clutter from the mind, much like clean-up operations in a computer, refreshing the mind to prepare for the next day.
  • The idea of psychotherapy - that the dreamer is able to make connections between different thoughts and emotions in a safe environment. 
  • Loose connections between thoughts and ideas are linked and then guided by the emotions of the dreamer.
I've heard about every one of these, and it is likely that in many case each one is true, in some respect. However, it cannot be proved. So here's another theory:

"A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep. In dreams you will lose your heartaches, whatever you wish for, you keep." - Cinderella

Yep. Cinderella. But think about it... "A dream is a wish" links to Freud's theory, "your heart makes" links to both Freud's and the third bullet point. "In dreams you will lose your heartaches" suggests the ideas of bullet points two and three, "whatever you wish for, you keep." brings ideas from bullet point four, as well as Freud's theory. The only one not mentioned here in the first bullet point, which I know myself is partially true as a choir of angel popped into my dream when Nan turned on Classic FM one Sunday morning.

Here's the last theory for you to read:

"A dream is a movie which allows the dreamer to see what they're thinking about in a much more vivid way."

That's my theory. Because it's true. And thought's are influenced by our wishes, emotions, environment and what we've done that day. It's that simple. I don't see why people try and work out what they mean or buy dream catchers to help them sleep better at night, because all a dream is, is you thinking in colour. Unless you dream in black and white... Hmmm... That's awkward.
I still hate them though. Maybe my thoughts and feelings are just all over the place. Maybe I just don't know how to think or what to feel. Maybe that's why my dreams are so confusing, so uncontrollable. I will forever ponder this. I will forever wish that I didn't dream... Hey! Do you think that if dreams display what you wish, if I wish not dreaming enough it'll work?! Probably not... Oh well...


Monday, 27 May 2013

New word: Comfortablity

I'm not normally a particularly anti-social person. I'll talk to people, I'll go out with friends and I'll stay in the company of others. If anything, I'm completely the opposite of "anti-social". However, today has been different. Well... lately it's been different.

Yeah, yeah, today I've been setting up this silly little blogging page and procrastinating beyond belief, but I'm still determined just to stay in my room. To be honest, it's no abnormality for a teenager to hide away from their parents when they can. Certainly not with me in recent weeks. I used to hate being on my own. I used to have to do homework in the kitchen or hallway so that I always had people walking past me because I loved company that much. People meant so much to me. Now I just constantly want to be on my own. Unless I'm with a select few. My "friendship group" at school had slowly become more and more separated so there are groups within the group. Never really made sense to me.

I think the problem is this: being too comfortable. And no, I don't mean that my memory foam mattress is so damn comfortable that I can't bear to leave it's warmth and utter cosy-ness (even though that is how I feel in the mornings), but more that we find a place in life and just keep it that way. For example, I have a couple of friends in this "friendship group" that I haven't really spoken to in months so why are they still in my group? Or rather, why am I still in theirs? I think it's because I DO talk to two or three of those friends on a regular basis. And so rather than us moving away and making a friendship group of our own we find it safer to stay where we are. No, I'm not just rambling about how much the concept of friendship confuses me, as that was simply an example - I am merely pointing out how easy it is to get comfortable and play it safe

So here I am in my bedroom, sitting on my bed. I'm comfortable and playing it safe. That's how I see it. I'm not tackling the world, nor do I need to. Instead, I'm doing anything to avoid tackling people. People frustrate me. And if you know me, you know full well that's what I think. They get angry for no reason, upset at the smallest things and then think they have the right to turn around and judge you. Now, if any of you are reading this, parents included, I don't need someone to sit down with me to "talk about my feelings". Nothing's wrong with me. The only difference between me and the next girl is that I don't care about people knowing about how I feel. Not anymore. This is no cause for you to play the hero and save me from any and every bad feeling I have, I already have that person. Just had to get that straight.

So they are my confusing thoughts. Read them again. Ponder them. Make your own your own opinions and see how comfortable you are. You might not even realise it.

Bye for now :)

What on Earth am I about to write..?

A couple of you will be wondering why the hell I'm doing a blog. And in a sense, so am I. I mean, I'm hardly an interesting person and writing my thoughts down online could be quite a bad idea, but oh well. I'm doing this.

I turned 16 yesterday (and for all you pedo's out there, you can just go away) and suddenly this idea of blogging came to mind. I wanted to vlog originally but really, I found I have nothing to talk about or I just get extremely boring. So really, there's no point to this blog at all besides a little idea that sprung into Sarah's crazy mind yesterday evening. There's no big master plan behind this, no structure, no theme, nothing. I write what I want, when I want and people can read it. I'll try not to use profanity, but if I do, I apologise in advance if it offends. In actual fact, let's make this a new paragraph...

If I write something that offends you, don't start spreading crap about me. Talk to me about it. Or just accept that it's MY OPINION. I have the privilege to voice it so let me. Yep, you have the same privilege, but have a bit of respect, yeah? In terms of offending people - I never intend to do so. See? I'm not as much of a bitch as some of you think I am. Sometimes stuff comes out wrong, or can be interpreted in the wrong way. If that's the case? Sorry in advance. It'll no doubt happen. But that's no reason to start a war. Let's be mature here.

So that's it for now. I need to go revise some boring rubbish for GCSE's. Whoo! So fun. Enjoy your day... I'll probably post something else later on. No promises. Bye :)