Thursday, 3 April 2014

Welcome To My Ramblathon

First off, I send my apologies. 2014 has not been overly kind to me thus far and so my little blog has been rather...neglected. Welcome to my first blog of 2014 (Happy New Year! Oops... it's April already?) which was started really because I needed someone to ramble to. I suggest you grab a cuppa and a yummy biscuit before you read this :P

Right, let's get started then, shall we? I don't really know what's coming up so...yeah. You could say that's a good thing because my rambles tend to entertain you more :) 

Topic one of my ramblathon: Schools/Education
I think school is very important and believe that A-levels (or higher qualifications similar to these) are rather important in today's society. Why? Because now everybody is made to do them so you'd be the odd one out if you didn't bother. Want a job? Well that person has more qualifications so we'll go with them. Am I wrong? From what I have been told and heard from others, working your way up in life isn't quite as easy as it used to be. For example, to be a zoo keeper about 20 years ago you volunteered there, got a job and worked your way up doing any necessary training as you go. Nowadays to even get the lowest job you need a couple of qualifications in animal care. 
Here's my question - what if  higher education isn't for everyone? I know plenty of people who are planning to steer well clear of university - some may say this is a bad idea but now that so many people go to uni and come out with degrees, are these degrees really worth much? Oh my, jobs are confusing.
But then you have school itself. The time in your life where you develop into a young, responsible individual (or so your parents would hope) and prepare for your future life. For me, this seemed to be a truth in year 9. However, from GCSE's starting we were no longer developing individuals but mere grades on the Secondary School League Tables. We are told to work hard for our future otherwise we won't get anywhere. The same is constantly pushed onto us: "Work hard, get the grades, get to uni and you'll have a good life". 
But what happens if you don't know what you want to be? If you're anything like little ol' me, you're average at most things but don't have any particular job in mind. Then the pressure of school pushes you to think you have to choose your future here and now. You know what? I have hardly experienced life at all. My life has been spent in the same town and I don't know whether there's something out there I might love. A teenager choosing their future probably isn't the best plan anyway ;)
Topic #1's advice: You're young and have plenty of time to travel and work out what you want from life. Work your best (and NO, I don't mean work to the expectations of school or you parents, work to YOUR best) and that might give you more choices when you finally work out what's right for you. :)

Topic 2 of my ramblathon: Pleasing people
Now... this is something I want to talk about but before I do so I'd like to say one thing: I don't want anybody who knows me to start kicking up a fuss, okay? I know what you silly people are like :L
Over the past 9 months or so, pleasing people has been an issue for me. People have taken a dislike to my attitude, sexuality, music taste, motivation (or lack of), health or abilities in various things. My attitude, especially lately, has been that of "let's just quietly get on with things and please everyone to avoid drama". This has meant I have become juuuust a little withdrawn, miserable and fed up with people. Quietly. Because if people knew that they wouldn't be too "pleased" would they? However, what I have only just come to realise is that through the attempt to relieve the pressure of everybody else's expectations and criticisms of me, I have started putting double or triple that on myself in forcing myself to try and make them happy. 
Let's get one thing straight, one year ago I was most certainly one thing - assertive. As of late, due to trying to conform to what everyone wants me to be, I have become somewhat of a pushover. I hate admitting but I guess it's true looking at it from my side. I'm doing everything that is asked of me because I want to make everyone else happy and therefore keep the pressure off me. Well, looks like that hasn't worked...
So here's topic #2's advice: BE YOU. Nobody is better at that than you because thankfully we're all different. Don't feel like you have to make every single person happy because that just means you're not. So tomorrow, wake up and take the day as yours. Let what inspires you, inspire you and take that little bit of control back. Just don't do anything stupid...

Topic number 3 of my ramblathon: Bandwagoning
Nope. I don't mean "I hate bandwagoners" - this topic is about my annoyance of people being told that due to finding an interest in something a little later than some other people, they aren't "real" fans and are so "bandwagoners". I mean, come on! The reason I've chosen to ramble about this is because I was just on Tumblr and saw an argument about how somebody's new to a fandom and some nut has told them to go away as they're "not real fanz, just a bandwgner" (great spelling, eh?). What is the point in all honesty? A group of people all like the same thing whether it be a TV show, music artist/band, fashion trend - why should new people to that group be classed as not worthy? Completely blows my mind. What a silly world we live in.
Topic #3's advice: Don't be afraid to join something late or feel that you have to leave some fan base because some nut is telling you you're "just a bandwagoner". You're not. You're enjoying something for probably the exact same reasons as everyone else. Oh! And if you're the nut? Stop. :)

Topic number 4 of my ramblathon: Fashion
I HATE fashion as a whole. The idea that somebody's personality or "coolness" can be based on what material they wear is all so silly. I cannot be truthful in saying that I haven't judged somebody's personality on their clothes. Unfortunately. Whoop for being human! 
Personally, there is one reason I'd like to be male (eww, I can't believe I'm telling everyone this...) - the clothes. I feel that my style as a dashing male would be that casual shirt and tie look with one of those hats. Y'know? Like when someone wears a denim shirt tucked into their skinny jeans, with a black tie and a trilby hat. I think I could rock that look
So why not do it now, you may ask? Well, I'm a girl. So wearing a shirt with a tie and hat would make people judge (plus, whenever you wear a hat people just steal it). BAM. Just went completely against topic 2. Honestly though, the judgement that accompanies the clothes you wear makes me nothing but self-conscious. So it looks like until I build up the courage to wear that stuff, I am to continue wearing jeans and a tshirt. *sigh*
Topic #4's advice: Be brave. This is advice to myself too... Wear what you want to express who you are or just to be comfortable. Yeah, people may comment but if they don't like it, they don't have to wear it, do they? 

Topic number 5 of my ramblathon: Competition
Hehe, this is a good one. Makes me giggle. The concept of competition surrounds us in everyday life both at work and at home. I have found that people get competitive about the silliest little things... For example:
"Oh! I got 37 out of 40! What did you get?"
"39 out of 40"
Yep. True experience, that. It was so funny how an excitable mood from the boffin of the class suddenly changed to upset due to somebody else getting 2 more marks. Surely that's not worth getting upset about? Like I said, this attitude is EVERYWHERE and it entertains me constantly. As you sing along with someone they criticise your singing because they want to be best. When you bake a lot, a friend or family member goes "I can bake better than that" and spends a whole day trying to bake something elaborate. 
Now, I don't think I'm one of those people who try to compete with others, going out of my way to try and beat some result they already have. I'm more one of those people that do things for enjoyment - you get better at things you enjoy a lot quicker anyway. I do find it fun when people try and compete with me though meaning some times I may step it up a little but then I'm still enjoying what I'm doing instead of getting all stressy about it. 
Topic #5's advice: If you want to entertain me, compete with me. I find it so utterly hilarious... If you feel stressy about trying to compete people just calm down a little. Find something you enjoy and then you excel at that - then people will want to compete with YOU. And lastly, if you are doing something you love BUT you're still trying to compete, take a step back. If you keep doing that you won't enjoy it anymore - I've seen it happen.

SO, my little freundlings! I hope you enjoyed my ramblings (and the cuppa that may have accompanied your reading). I promise to post more regularly - I do really do enjoy doing this. Share this is you want to, direct people to my funny lil' blog, and please do comment - I love knowing what you guys think.

Thank you! Hope it's sunny where you are!