Tuesday, 30 September 2014


Hello, my lovelies! How nice of you to visit - how are you all? Brill. 

I just thought I'd let you know what's going on or "upcoming" on this here blog. WELL, I have an almost finished blog to post which speaks of random things. Unlike usual. As well as this there have been some additions to the website! I'd like to introduce to you...

How not to do things                and my                Year 13 Survival Guide

Each of these pages have an explanation as to what their purpose and are available for you to read RIGHT NOW. But before you dash off to look those, I would also like to tell you some other news...follow ups, to be exact. You know my post about my reasons for running the Race for Life? Well you're donations helped to raise £350 for Cancer Research UK for which I am incredibly grateful. I ran through mud, crawled through tunnels lined with mud, under army nets coated in mud and finally had to army crawl through a paddling pool of the stuff. I also made some friends about 2k into the race who ran with me the rest of the way. Without them, it would have been a whole lot harder - so thank you Sami and Shaz! It was fabulously muddy and extremely hard work but my lovely readers, family and friends got me through that with their love and support. So, once again, thank you for that.

Next on the list is a pledge (is that what you call it?) - A lot of you guys tell me that you enjoy reading my blog posts and the odd one or two inspire your brain to think a little...sooooooo, why not leave a comment? When you reach the end of the post you're reading, just click the "comments" button and you'll be able to leave a couple of your thoughts or ask a question! Oh, and you can stay anonymous too, so you don't need to worry about that.
Alongside this, I'd like to point out that there is the option to become a member of my blog, receiving an email when a post is...posted. AND there are share buttons (email, twitter, facebook etc.) underneath each article too. 

I'll shut up now - I've been procrastinating long enough! I do hope you all have a lovely week and keep smiling even when it's tough.

Be back soon!