Sunday, 10 November 2013


I figured that I hadn't written on here for a while and since I have a certain young lady sitting next to me writing an English essay, I would once again pop up onto this big world of blogging and share my thoughts with you. :)

In writing the title I completely forgot it was Remembrance Sunday (Whooooo! Poppy day!) and so when I remembered I was rather pleased with myself. It also made me think about how much of our day we normally spend remembering something... I suppose it's constantly. We need to remember how to speak, how to cook and how to be nice to frustrating peers. It could be debatable as to whether we need to remember how to walk or breathe - those are instinctual things, right?

But today isn't about remembering how to do things, or that I haven't done the homework due in for tomorrow (I have really, Mum). Today is about remembering people. Specific people. Today has a focus on the soldiers of the Great Wars and of the more recent wars. Many lives lost to protect the lives of others. Just thought I'd slip that in there. 

Honestly, just think about remember what you did this morning... You (probably) had breakfast but how did you remember what you like? I personally don't like honey so I don't have it. Duh. Instead I'd have something utterly more unhealthy - golden syrup. I will always remember that I like golden syrup... Oh gosh, I'm rambling again (if you're new to the page, welcome! I ramble a lot...). Truth is, I kinda know how you remember things thanks to the wonders of A-level education. According to theory, if we do things or think about things enough times, you'll remember it. So, if I remind myself that I like golden syrup every day by having it for breakfast, I will never forget. Hello fat-laden stomach! Luckily, I've had it enough times already. ;)

Then we have the other side of it - I'm doing something which I haven't done before so I can't be remembering, right? I must be learning...surely? This brings me to think that there may be two ways of doing things - remembering and learning. You learn to remember. For example, I learn things in lessons at school to remember them in exams. THIS IS ALL MAKING SENSE. Oh my... That's a first - I'm learning!

I sort of landed myself in it here... I'm not overly sure how to finish this. Haha, am I ever? No. Well, here's my ending (sorry it's been so short):
When you do something, just think about how you're doing it - are you remembering or learning? And after you've done that task you're learning, can you just remember it or do you have to do a bit more learning first? So many questions... Feel free to have a ponder. :)

Hope you're all well! I'll try and post something soon. :)