Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Why is revision so much better?

I can remember year 9 when I used to hate revising. I never did it because I didn't see the point. I was boring and I used to HATE mindmaps. Four years later and I love revision, mindmaps, cue cards and felt tip pens. I honestly never thought it would happen... but it has. 

Now, I'm not just writing this because I'm a nerd and love school work from here to the moon and back (and may I add...I don't). I am writing this because I honestly just don't get it. Why is it that when sitting down to do homework - whether it be an essay, grid, timeline or questions - I just stop thinking. My ability to concentrate literally flies out the window and joins Peter Pan in Neverland. Yet sitting down to do work when I don't have anything due for a while is incredibly easy and extremely productive. Maybe it's the use of colour or pictures or something. Or not.

Let's ask Google:

Well... it didn't suggest the question which means this probably isn't a problem for that many people... And it turns out there's not actually anything helpful on there. Thanks, Google.

Maybe Yahoo Answers will do a better job:

Ha. nope. I, therefore, give up. There's no use in looking on bing because they just copy Google anyway. *Sigh*

I shall therefore try answering this one myself... (note the word: try). I think that the flexible nature of revision makes it a lot easier - you can revise what you want in the way you want and when you want. You can use a whiteboard or paper or a conversation. However with homework you have to write an essay. Because that's what you have to do in the exam, and if you don't practice, you'll fail. Simple as (well...not for some people but I will anyway). I think it's the preparation for going wrong, the dreading having to redo it or the simple fact that teachers never seem to mark or look at your homework anymore. 

I dunno. And I have no idea how much sense this made because I am procrastinating - as I have been all bloody day. I wish I could join Peter Pan in Neverland... I've always wanted a flying clipper ship. So what have we learnt? Google isn't helpful. Yahoo isn't helpful. Bing just copies Google. Blogger is yet another distraction.

Have a nice week :)

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